GRPU Window Profile

Window with GRPU Pultruded profile

Nowadays more and more countries have compulsory legislation on energy-saving doors and windows. Professional organizations are well established in developed countries. For example, NFRC in the United States, BFRC in UK, and AWA in Australia.

Control of heat loss and heat gain through windows and doors is critical in any building. Together with Bayer MaterialScience China, Top Composite Technology developed the GRPU(Glass fiber Reinforced Polyurethane) pultruded window profile.

GRPU profile is a pultruded composite of continuous fiberglass bonded into polyurethane resin. Traditional materials like aluminum, PVC and timber can only fulfill some of these key requirements: durable, thermally efficient, soundproofing, economically viable and low maintenance while GRPU window profile outperforms the traditional material and fulfills a combination of all requirements.

  • Strength

    GRPU pultruded window profile is a pultruded composite of continuous fiberglass bonded into polyurethane resin. Unlike ordinary FRP window profile which usually has a 55% fiberglass content or less, our GRPU profile has 80% strand glass content with 20% polyurethane resin. This higher glass content provides superior strength.

  • Elastic Deformation

    Because of low deformation or deformation only under high stress, GRPU profile has a high Screw pull-out Strength which is twice as typical FRP window profile. As a result, no pre-drilled holes required for screws.

  • Thermal Expansion & Contraction

    High coefficient of expansion will result in expansion and contraction of the window and cause excessive distortion. Coefficient of expansion of GRPU profile is closed to that of concrete wall and has very insignificant expansion and contraction.

  • Thermal Insulation

    As its main composition, fiberglass is an excellent insulating material, GRPU window profile achieves an thermal conductivity as low as 0.22 W/m·K. This value is close to wood and PVC but far lower than aluminum and steel.

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