GRPU Window System

  • Energy-efficient window for high-rise building

    Resistance to wind load

    Due to outstanding mechanical properties of profiles, GRPU™ window, without additional reinforcement, gives an ultimate wind load resistance of 5 kPa. It is similar to aluminum window.

    For high-rise buildings and buildings in coastal areas, GRPU™ window is your choice to resist high wind.

  • Sound-proof window with GRPU profiles

    Acoustic Insulation

    Acoustic insulation of GRPU™ window is similar to FRP and PVC window. With the same glazing configuration, GRPU™ window is more sound-proof than aluminum window. With GRPU™ window installed, high traffic location can also be quiet.

  • Energy-efficient window

    Thermally Efficient & Energy Saving

    As both polyurethane and fiberglass are excellent insulting materials, the composite profile has a thermal conductivity of 0.22 W/m·K, about 1/700 of that of aluminum.

    A typical application of GRPU™ window is to take the place of thermal-break aluminum window in most cases, for a better Heat Transfer Coefficient.

  • Energy-efficient window

    Weather Resistance

    With its steady properties, polyurethane composite  profile has a long life span. GRPU™ composite windows can give high performance in high-cold region.

    When temperature changes, the window frame allows no leak between frame and building. It's an ideal choice for areas with heavy sand of storm and pollution.

    Resistant to water protects inhabitants from sustained moisture. It's also a smart choice for damp area.

More infomation about GRPU™ energy-efficient windows and doors: Brand of GRPU